We are able to offer you guidance in many areas of law, we have particular experience in the following:


Navigating the world of property? Let our conveyancing experts streamline your buying or selling journey, ensuring clarity every step of the way.

Family Law

Navigating family issues? Our trained solicitors offer tailored solutions, preferring collaborative methods but ready for court actions when necessary.

Matrimonial Law

From pre-nuptial agreements through to separation from your spouse or partner and potential divorce, we can help.


Ensure your legacy and wishes are honoured; let our experts craft a will that stands the test of time.

Power of Attorney

You may need a Power of Attorney whereby we would be able to handle your affairs for you efficiently.


We are on hand to help with Probate and Letters of Administrations when loved ones pass away.
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Could you be eligible for Legal Aid?

Legal Aid is designed to offer legal advice to people who would not be able to afford legal representation. Depending on your circumstances you may be eligible to free legal advice.

Please contact us so that we can review your situation and advise on your eligibility on receiving Legal Aid. We are a Legal Aid Agency legal adviser and have been awarded their Quality Mark. This means that we have met certain quality standards set by the Legal Aid Agency.

For more information on Legal Aid please visit the Gov.uk website.

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